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Illumines Mini twitching Minnow

Illumines Mini twitching Minnow

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This superb lure is a must-have for the serious fisherman. With its 3-D eyes design that gives it an extra life-like appearance, it`s a great way to attract the attention of the fish. But to make things even better, we added LED for glow effect, vibration technology which makes the lure twitch and a steel ball to create a rattling noise. The durable ABS material makes it a fantastic value for money.

The Illumines Mini Twitching Minnow is a durable and versatile lure that can be used in many fishing situations. It features rust-proof hook, rechargeable electronic lure, durable ABS material, reusable and environment protective, and a working time of 12h/3h and charge time of 2h. With its unique features, this product is sure to be a hit with any fisherman.

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