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10pcs Slow Minnow Fishing Lure

10pcs Slow Minnow Fishing Lure

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This 10pcs Slow Minnow Fishing Lure is a must-have for any angler. It's designed to be used in tough conditions on backwater lakes and reservoirs, and has been proven to work with fish of all temperaments and appetites. It's known to draw strikes from even the most lethargic fish.

This lure is a great choice to have on hand at all times. It features a mini minnow design, with a size of 6.8cm and 4g. It also has 3D fish eyes, flat rings, and comes in a variety of colors. It's perfect for targeting pale chub, walking catfish, yellowcheck carp, tilapia, catfish, and topmouth culter.

This 10pcs Slow Minnow Fishing Lure is a unique and effective way to catch fish in any conditions. With its proven functionality and variety of features, it's sure to be a great addition to any angler's tackle box.

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