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Fishing Floats Set

Fishing Floats Set

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New product recommendation: Fishing Floats Set. This set includes 15 pieces of vertical buoy sea fishing floats in assorted sizes for most types of angling with attachment rubbers fishing lures. The package color is blue or black, sent in random.

The set is made of light and durable plastic, and includes 5 pieces of bobbers rod (8cm), 6 pieces of yellow floats tube (9.5cm), and 4 pieces of long float slips (15cm). It is suitable for sea fishing, rock fishing, ice fishing, stream fishing, and lake fishing.

This set is designed for professional anglers, and features durable usage. It is easy to use: just pull the line through the hole of the rubber tube, find the right position to fix the float, and squeeze the rubber on the tip of the floats slowly.

This Fishing Floats Set is perfect for all kinds of fishing, and is sure to make your angling experience unique and enjoyable.

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