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100 Pcs Silicone Artificial Curly tail Worms

100 Pcs Silicone Artificial Curly tail Worms

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Introducing our latest innovation - the 100 Pcs Silicone Artificial Curly tail Worms!

Designed to mimic the natural movements of real worms, these artificial curly tail worms are a game-changer for any fishing enthusiast.

Made from high-quality silicone material, these worms are soft yet durable, ensuring they can withstand numerous casts and catches. The curly tail design adds extra attraction in the water, making it irresistible to fish.

This set includes a whopping 100 pieces of artificial curly tail worms, giving you plenty of bait options for your next fishing adventure. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, these worms will surely enhance your chances of success on the water.

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